Disruptive Physician Program

Since 2003, the AJ Novick Group, Inc. has been providing cutting edge anger and stress management training for a variety of populations. In 2008, we developed a program specifically designed for physicians with “disruptive behavior”. This training program is consistent with the “New Joint Commission Disruptive Behavior Standard” that became effective January 1, 2009. Our disruptive physician program is also consistent with the Joint Commission standard LD.03.01.01 as well as Sentinal Alert number 40, which specifies the specific issues related to disruptive physician behavior. Our program is a non-psychiatric skill based training aimed at teaching doctors how to improve communication, workplace safety, emotional intelligence, stress management and improve impulse control and judgement when confronted with difficult situations. This program is ideal for distressed physicians who have been deemed to have problems with anger management and/or impulsive behaviors. This program is in a 1/1 format coaching format, extremely private and maintains strict confidentiality.

Our Disruptive Physician program is an ideal resource for physician Well Being Committees, hospital management and human resources. Most of our referrals are generated as a result of either patient complaints, staff complaints or a combination of both. Our program uses objective, empirically validated interventions, to help doctors change problematic behavior. They come back to work refreshed, and better equipped to handle difficult situations with new and improved coping skills.

Our program is listed in the Federation of State Medical Boards website, click here

References are available upon request.

This program has also been referred to as a “Disruptive Physician Class“, “Coaching for Disruptive Physicians“, “Distressed Physician Program“, or a “Disruptive Physician Treatment Program” . Terminology around the training of problematic behavior among physicians depends on the semantics used. Please feel free to contact our office with any questions, 949-715-2694. You can also find our program on our corporate website

Skills Covered in This Training Include:

· Stress and anger management
· Assertive Communication
· Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
· Sensitivity Training
· Expectation management of self and others
· Empathy and emotional intelligence, compassion
· Social appropriateness and social awareness
· Forgiveness and letting go
· Team Building
· Improving judgment and impulse control under pressure
· Skills in optimism and becoming a more effective “team player”
· Taking time-outs and understanding the benefit of cooling down

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