If you are in a position of making a referral for a disruptive or Distressed physician, please review our program description and content objectives below. While many programs require doctors to lose several days from work and require extensive psychiatric testing, our programs have several options that have a shorter turn-a-round time and are completely skill based.

Disruptive Physician Program Content Description (No online programs allowed for disruptive physician coaching. Physician coaching requires face to face interaction directly from Ari Novick, Ph.D. either in person or via Zoom):

We offer 3 training options. Pricing/cost structure listed below.

Option 1) Participate in one/one coaching for approximately 8 to 12 sessions, each session is 50 minutes. Sessions are typically structured to meet weekly. This can be completed either in person or Zoom.

Option 2) Participate in an 8 hour all day (on-site) intensive one/one coaching session at our northern California office or the training can be completed via Zoom. The training can be provided Monday through Friday’s only and with a minimum of 3 weeks advance notice.

Option 3) Participate in an 8 hour all day (off-site at physicians location) intensive one/one coaching session anywhere in the U.S. With this option, Dr. Novick will travel to your location. Separate pricing for CA based travel and out of state travel (below).

Our Disruptive Physicians Program includes:

1. Assessment: There are two ways we assess physicians. The first way is by subjective interview. Dr. Novick will interview the physician and acquire necessary background information to help determine what should be focused on in the training. The second method is by an objective assessment questionnaire. This questionnaire will be administered and scored onsite and will provide data that will be helpful for both Dr. Novick and the physician in identifying strengths and weaknesses in certain areas required to perform well on the job.

The objective assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses in:

• The physicians ability to communicate assertively vs. aggressive, passive aggressive, etc.
• Emotional intelligence, empathy and compassion towards others
• Stress management and the ability to perform well under stress
• The physicians ability for good judgement and impulse control under pressure
• Boundary setting and deference
• Motivation to change and ability for insight

2. Our structured program is presented in an educational setting and is presented in a coaching format. The physician is provided a comprehensive client workbook, which is used throughout the training and as a reference guide after the work is complete. Our programs are designed to educate doctors. While Dr. Novick is a trained and licensed psychotherapist, he is not providing psychological evaluations or psychotherapy. The focus of the training is to improve some very specific skills. These skills include, but are not limited to the following:

· Stress and anger management
· Assertive Communication
· Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
· Sensitivity Training
· Expectation management of self and others
· Empathy and emotional intelligence, compassion
· Social appropriateness and social awareness
· Forgiveness and letting go
· Team Building
· Improving judgment and impulse control under pressure
· Skills in optimism and becoming a more effective “team player”
· Taking time-outs and understanding the benefit of cooling down

3. Progress reports are provided upon request by the physician.

4. DVD Power Point presentation provided on each topic as a reinforcement of the material

5. Pre and Post assessment to determine a benchmark to show improvement from beginning to end in the program. The post assessment will be provided at the last quarterly follow up phone session. See #7 below.

6. Services offered by Ari Novick, Ph.D. He is licensed and trained to understand issues related to confidentiality and identity security. Our staff will provide a non-threatening, friendly, educational experience.

7. 3, 6 and 12 Month Follow Up “check in” sessions provided to the physician to address any new issues, review learned materials, and to reschedule any necessary follow up sessions.  These 3, 50 minute sessions are recommended but not required and are included in the cost of the training.

8. A professional experience using proven interventions aimed at reducing disruptive physician behavior in the workplace.


Option 1: $375.00 per 50 minute coaching session either in person or by phone or Zoom. 8-12 weekly sessions recommended.

Option 2: $3000.00 (on-site, at Dr. Novick’s office or can be completed via Zoom), includes full 8 hour training, 3 follow up sessions at quarterly intervals, pre/post assessment.

Option 3a: $4,500.00 (Off-site, at your location, within California), plus travel expenses (air, hotel and ground transportation) includes full 8 hour training, 3 follow up sessions at quarterly intervals, pre/post assessment.

Option 3b: $6,000.00 (Off site, at your location, outside of California), plus travel expenses (air, hotel and ground transportation) includes full 8 hour training, 3 follow up sessions at quarterly intervals, pre/post assessment.

How will a physician who goes through our program benefit?

According to the TJC Sentinel Event Alert, negative behavior on the part of the physician causes major problems and is a liability to your organizations. Physicians who exhibit “disruptive behavior” and are properly trained can expect to have many of the following favorable outcomes:

*Decrease staff turnover and medical errors
*A safer work environment
*Reduction in litigation and lawsuits
*Increase in staff morale
*Improved communication and teamwork
*Improved productivity

How to detect if you have a possible “disruptive physician”. See below:

Is not able to filter internal thoughts and publicly becomes angry.
Often is described as intimidating and makes others feel uncomfortable with his/her behavior.
Makes remarks that are inappropriate, hostile, or demeaning
Often has poor expectations of others or makes demands that are unreasonable of staff.
Can behave either very aggressive, passive aggressive or show excessive avoidance.
Shows difficult with insight or can not handle criticism or constructive feedback.
Has a difficult time listening to authority. Behaves in an arrogant way.

The AJ Novick Group is listed on the Federation of State Medical Boards directory of Physician Assessment and Remedial Education programs. Click here.  We are also an approved provider for SAMSHA. Dr. Ari Novick is an expert in anger and stress management. He is a licensed psychotherapist and highly skilled working with physicians and medial staff. Click here for our brochure.